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Drilling rigs from ProHandling

Drilling rigs are mainly used in metal and steel construction, for machining steel plates or steel supports. They can also be used for special materials. With the right machine, you can save a lot of handling time in production and at the same time increase quality.

At ProHandling we have not only the threading machines, which are used for the smaller jobs, but also the drilling rigs. Since we are always anxious to find only the optimal solution for our customers on the market, these machines have also been selected again according to the proven ProHandling principle.

If you have decided that you would like to buy a drilling rig or are looking for information for the first time, we will be happy to help you. We are the direct distributor of the drilling rig manufacturer Akyapak in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The advantage for you is that you receive the complete consultation in German. Our selected drilling rig manufacturer offers especially in this area quality, durability and innovation and all that for a very good price.

We would be pleased to advise you on drilling rigs in steel construction.

Types of drilling rigs

The beam drilling line, is a drilling rig used to machine steel beams. Depending on the model this can be done from 3 axles. The 3-axis drilling system can also move the spindle in the longitudinal direction of the beam, which has the great advantage that the steel beam does not have to be moved during machining. The steel beam can be milled and marked using this drilling line. Of course, drilling and tapping is also possible.

To complete the machining process, you can attach a steel beam band saw in front of or behind the machining center.

The plates drilling machine has the task to process the steel beams plates, which come to the end of a steel beam. This can be in the form of milling, marking, drilling or thread cutting. Of course this can also be used for flanges or similar. For you as a customer, it is important to pay attention to the size of your components and the range of motion of the drilling spindle.

With the Bohr and Oxy plasma cutting machine 2 machines were combined. Simply because it provides extreme benefits to the customer. This allows the sheets to be cut to size and processed directly on the drilling rig. This saves you handling and production time, as well as space. Of course, this also reduces investment costs.

Further information about drilling rigs from ProHandling

Once you have decided on a drilling rig and the plan has been drawn up as to where it is most efficient in the production hall, you do not have to wait long, because we usually even have drilling rigs in stock and therefore short delivery times.

Your drilling rig is supplied directly by the manufacturer and comes with the mechanics who set it up and instruct you in the machine. You probably have CNC experts in your company, but even if you don’t, that’s no problem at all. Because to a thorough technical briefing into the drilling rig, there is naturally also the detailed briefing into the CNC system.

Now you are an expert for a user-friendly drilling rig. But how about maintenance? The nice thing about our drilling rigs is that they are almost maintenance-free because they are self-lubricating. Only the lubricant container must be refilled after a certain period of time. You are also welcome to outsource this to our service for drilling rigs.

We hope to be able to offer you an optimal all-round service in the field of steel construction drilling rigs. Under the product groups drilling lines, plate drilling rig and drilling rig with oxy-plasma cutting system you will find further, different models. This gives you the opportunity to find the right machine or drilling rig for your steel construction. If this is not the case, because you have special areas of application or workpieces, we can also offer special designs through our direct connection to the manufacturer of drilling rigs.