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Reliable roller blocks from ProHandling

Roller blocks are an important machine when they come from tank, tower or boiler construction. Welding roller blocks are used for positioning for longitudinal seam welding and for turning for circumferential seam welding. There are different versions depending on the intended use. If you have components with a thicker wall thickness, where the diameter is always relatively constant, then the standard roller blocks are probably the right ones for you. For thin-walled containers or for many different diameters, the self-aligning roller block makes the most sense. This adjusts itself fully automatically to the component diameter, the pressure is distributed very well by the 4 rollers per roller block, this is very important for the thin-walled containers.

Another important point are the rollers, usually with PU coating as standard, the thickness of the coating is important here. Many manufacturers try to save money here, but in the wrong place, the coating can greatly reduce vibrations and the “bounce” when rolling over the weld seam.

The PU wheels are also very suitable for special materials such as stainless steel.

If, however, your roller block is to turn very hot containers, or is located directly at the welding machine, PU wheels are not recommended. In this case we recommend steel rollers because they are heat resistant.

These are also used at the welding point of Fit-UP systems. A Fit-Up Roller Block System, consists of a fixed and rail-mounted Roller Block, which enables the connection of 2 tubes or tower parts. It makes sense to connect the whole thing to a welding pole.

We are happy to advise you in this area, we work together with a selected, very experienced manufacturer, as a general agency in Germany.

In our portfolio we have standard machines with a capacity of 1 ton – 300 tons. Special designs up to 600 tons are also possible.